Don’t mind the rustling, I’m opening some windows, dusting the blinds, shaking out the rugs. Take a minute or an hour to look around. Some housekeeping rules, that I borrowed from Andrew Kurjata’s disclaimer (thanks Andrew):

This is my personal webpage. All first-person (non-attributed) text and opinions are my own.

Nothing I write or say is meant to reflect the opinions of any of my employers, coworkers, clients, organizations that I sit on or volunteer for, family members, or friends. Please don’t hold it against them.

In many cases, the opinions I express here may not reflect my own views some days later. I’m open to changing my mind.

This blanket disclaimer applies to my status updates, Twitter, and pretty much everything else of mine you might find on the Internet.

Retweets, reblogs, and quotations are not necessarily endorsements.

Welcome, again.


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